One of kind of movies I watch is KDrama, which the interesting one is “Sageuk”! Historical movies depict Korean history, and sometimes mixed by romantic (read Love) story.  The shortest episode will be 16 episode, and the longest episode is through 80 episode.

And one of my favorite Sageuk drama is Tree With Deep Roots! The first reason why I watch it is because Song Jong Ki (SJK), but after some episode….WOW, the script is awesome..full of hidden meaning, the actors also great with their acting! Especially some of this people:



Han Su Kyu      Yoon Je Moon

So, what’s this about?

Short synopsis

Set up in the early reign of King Sejong, this drama started when Shim Ohn (King’s father in law) and his whole household were framed to execution by the former King Taejong. Two young slaves survive and continue the living with the aim of getting revenge for the innocents’ deaths. While King Sejong feeling guilty for not being able to rescue his people, he is determined to create hangul through secret organisation. However, the obstacles started when one by one of his people got involved in serial murder.

While long synopsis you can find it here

Because my curiosity about King Sejong, the next Sageuk I watch is Dae Wang Sejong

This Sageuk tell the story about The Great King Sejong. He is best remembered for creating the native Korean alphabet, Hangul. In this Sageuk, I found one actors whose acting is better than anyone. You can feel the story through his eyes.

Kim Young Chul


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