Synonym in Sundanese Language

Here are some synonym words in Sundanese language    Sundanese Words Synonym in Sundanese Words English Words bobo kulem sleep emam neda eat mios angkat leave panangan leungeun hand sampean suku feet calik diuk sit lalaki pameget  man   http://brainly.co.id/tugas/890685 http://blogkabehbaraya.blogspot.com/2014/02/antonim-dalam-bahasa-sunda.html

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WordNet Relation

In WordNet, there are 2 (two) relations 1. Lexical relation, consist of a) Antonym b) Synonym 2. Semantic relation is meaning relations. Consist of : a) Hypernim b) Hyponym c) Meronym d) Holonym Sundanese, like any other languages has these all relations. A. Lexical relation Data example for antonym in Sundanese language      …

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Natural Language Processing

Today, I read one paper from Mrs. Ayu (Transitive Strategy on CLQA System for Low Resources Language Pair –via Development of Indonesian-Japanese CLQA). Many questions inside my head, and here i am, began from scratch again. Begin. 1. What is NLP?   Taken from Lecture Notes, Dan Klein, UC Berkeley (http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~klein/) 2. What method or research…

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